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Meet The Secret Forest Illustrator

Jess Perna creating another masterpiece

Jess Perna
Jess Perna Art Studio

The Secret Forest series by Earl Wayne Productions is a project we hold dear to our hearts. We wanted to create a good story with fun and adventure. We wanted the characters to be great and to come alive and find their way into the hearts of all who journeyed along with them through their adventures.
We knew that in order to truly bring the characters alive it was going to take more than just good writing and voice acting. We needed a great illustrator. Someone who could interpret the characters we had created and not just any artist would do. We needed someone who could give them not only their bodies and faces but also their emotions. Someone who could listen to the story, accurately portray the characters and then, on paper, give them life.
We spoke with many artists and were finally blessed with finding Jess Perna Art Studio in California. We had found an illustrator that we could be honored to work with on the project and with a staff that is simply unbeatable. Jess Perna has a natural talent and creativity that he found at a very young age and has effectively turned his talents into nothing short of phenomenal. His genius with art, illustration, and the nuances that make the difference knows no bounds. His senior art director, Judy, has been our liason and absolutely instrumental in interpreting our ideas and thoughts into workable concepts. Jess Perna Art Studio has been a pleasure to work with and we are proud to say, is the exclusive illustrator for The Secret Forest.
Now, enough about us. The following bio excerpt has been posted here with permission, from
"Jess loves creating art in a number of mediums. He has drawn and painted since he was five years old and received his first commission for a magazine cover at age 11. He has painted countless fine art paintings in the studio and for live event and wedding entertainment.
He has illustrated 88 published children's picture and coloring books, magazine and book covers, stories, t-shirt and website logos, cable TV ads, newspapers ads, greeting cards, print advertisements, retail displays, court room evidence, brochures, business cards, postcards, board games, calendars, convention posters, cartoon art, truck wrap ads and gallery shows.
He was the featured guest on cable TV in Virginia the “Here and Now” show. Jess appeared drawing show contestants on ABC TV’s "Dating in the Dark" 2009 and 2010. He instructed art students in Cartoon Illustration at Queens College in NYC for three years as well as tutoring private students.
He earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and studied digital art at Palomar College, San Diego, CA. His studio is in San Diego, California."

From all of us here at Earl Wayne Productions, a big heart felt Thank You to Jess Perna, Judy and all the staff at Jess Perna Art Studio! We're honored to work with You on The Secret Forest Adventure Series and look forward to many more collaborations.

Earl Wayne Productions