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Meet the Secret Forest Characters

The Secret Forest adventure series. Audio books and childrens coloring books
Merlin the cat from The Secret Forest
Merlin is a black cat. While still young, he's seen his fair share of adventures. He's been captured by and then escaped from, both the Blue Witches and the Willabeasts. He's a happy cat that likes everyone and has never met a stranger. He proves that you don't have to be grown up to make a good difference. His best friend is Marty.
Recipient of The Secret Forest Medal of Honor.
Likes: Laughing, joking around, and going on adventures.
Dislikes: Getting wet, bullies and meanness.

Marty the cartoon bird from The Secret Forest
Marty is a purple bird. He's still a kid fresh from the nest and fairly new at flying. He has some silly ideas still but that's part of what makes him fun to be around. He's a fun loving bird that has a great imagination and enjoys going on adventures with his best friend Merlin.
Recipient of The Secret Forest Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart medal.
Likes: Having fun, being silly, laughing out loud, and learning new things.
Dislikes: Running into trees, hard landings and rudeness.

The Man in the Moon fairytale character
The Man in the Moon is a great guy. He's been around longer than anyone knows. He's a very happy man that watches over all of The Secret Forest and the whole world for that matter. His good humor and kindness really shines through.
Likes: Watching over and keeping everyone safe as they sleep at night.
Dislikes: Stray stars, asteroids and comets that run into him. (Those pointy stars really hurt!)

The Happies. The Secret Forest fairies
The Happies are a group of happy little fairies. They spend much of their time singing and working. They're responsible for all the smiles and all the laughter that's found in all the world. The more you laugh the happier they are.
Likes: Giggles, grins, smiles and laughter.
Dislikes: Frowns, bad moods and sadness.

Shroomer the shroombrella salesman illustration
Shroomer is a good hearted shroombrella salesman. He travels all through The Secret Forest selling his magical shroombrellas. They shrink to a size small as a grape to carry in your pocket and enlarge big enough to protect you from the rain or give you shade. (He says they're quite good in omelets or on salads too.)
Likes: Traveling and making new friends.
Dislikes: Rainy days or sunburns.

Princess Keira fairytale character
Princess Keira is the youngest daughter in the royal family. She lives in the castle of light with her family and is a very nice girl. Everyone that knows this young lady likes her alot. She's gentle and sweet as pie though brave when she needs to be.
Recipient of The Secret Forest Medal of Honor.
Likes: Good food, playing and jumping on her bed.
Dislikes: Chores, cleaning her room, and being told to not run through the castle.

Wiilabeast from The Secret Forest audio book
Willabeast are a mean bunch. They're not very nice at all. They don't respect anyone or anything. They're always breaking things and taking things that don't belong to them, trying to hurt others and being very disrespectful. (Not to mention, they're quite hungry and if you're not careful you may be next on this gangs menu.)
Likes: Fighting, being mean and causing trouble.
Dislikes: Telling the truth, being nice or getting caught when they do bad things.

Blue Witch coloring book illustration
The Blue Witch Queen is the most powerful and evil witch to ever live. In every story there must be a bad guy and she's certainly bad. She spends her time thinking of her dirty tricks and making evil spells. She hopes to one day take over the castle of light, rule The Secret Forest and trick everyone into thinking she's actually good and thereby causing them to follow her evil, corrupt and self centered ways. (By the way, blue witches are blue because they're evil and that's a sad way to live. Wouldn't you say?)
Likes: Tricking others, making evil potions, planning her next bad deed and recruiting others into her evil regime.
Dislikes: Anything good, clean and wholesome as well as anyone who gets in her way or speaks out against her evil plot.

The Sun has a warm smile yet is one cool character. He's happy, care free and a quite bright fellow. His finer qualities really shine through. He's spends most his days being in a great mood. (Though it has been said he can get a little hot under the collar from time to time, but we won't tell him that.)
Likes: Clear blue skies and getting a tan.
Dislikes: Stormy cloudy skies that he can't see through and being told that it's his bedtime.

The Secret Forest Trees are very much full of life and there's alot of them.  After all, what would a forest be without plenty of trees. (Well, a desert I guess.) Anyway, the trees here are always friendly and happy to lend a helping branch whenever needed. Otherwise they mind their own business and leaf everyone alone. Some are young and some are old and very wise.
Likes: Plenty of water, branching out into new areas and long winter naps.
Dislikes: Not much, other than birds using the bathroom while on their branch. Oh, and becoming firewood before their time.


Earl Wayne Productions. Creator of The Secret Forest Childrens Adventure Series