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Welcome to Earl Wayne Productions

Home of The Secret Forest coloring book / audio book series.

The Secret Forest tree cartoon character

The Secret Forest series title logo

A fun adventure series for kids of all ages. The Secret Forest is a fully performed audio book complete with character voices, special effects and music. Each story book CD is packaged with a childrens coloring book that follows the story. The package is complete with a sticker page and a story specific poster.

Marty - The Secret Forest childrens coloring book character
Marty - cartoon bird. Storybook character.
The Secret Forest
Merlin the cat - The Secret Forest cartoon character
Merlin - audio / coloring book character.
The Secret Forest

More than a fairytale, The Secret Forest is written to expand the imagination while subtly teaching object lessons as it leads by example, rather than telling the kids what they should or shouldn't do, or how they should or shouldn't be. From simple things like manners and respect to bigger things like bravery and honesty.

While The Secret Forest is certainly a kids fun book, it's also great for the whole family as this series is not gender or age specific. It appeals to both boys and girls, as well as parents and grandparents too. Far from boring, The Secret Forest is filled with fun and adventure. It's sure to be listened to over and over again. Providing hours of entertainment while the coloring book is enjoyed. The Secret Forest characters will find their way into your heart and are destined to become a family favorite.

Shroomer the shroombrella salesman - The Secret Forest cartoon character
Shroomer the shroombrella salesman - coloring book illustration
The Secret Forest
Also, so long as you're here, you might get a grin, a giggle or even a laugh or two from our comedy songs. Some are original and some are parodies but all are fun and lighthearted.
So take a look around. We hope you have a fun visit. Thank You for checking out Earl Wayne Productions.
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